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Ceiling Fan Installation

Cool Living Electrical offers great quality and affordable ceiling fan installation in The Hills District, Upper and Lower North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and surrounding LGA’s. If you are in need of a new ceiling fan in your home or business, let us know. We will provide you with a free consultation and quote.

Summer in Sydney is a beautiful time of the year, although it definitely brings the heat. Do yourself a favour and get some new ceiling fans installed in your home. Ceiling fan installation is affordable and can add comfort to your home or business.

Ceiling fans can be used indoors as well as outdoors, if you have the correct structure. This will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your own home all year round.

If you are trying to decide between ceiling fans and an air conditioning unit, there is no doubt that ceiling fans are the more affordable option. They are cheaper to buy, install and operate.

Types Of Ceiling Fans

The type of ceiling fan installation we will perform depends on your specific needs. Different conditions require different types of ceiling fans. Below are some types of ceiling fans and where each one fits in.

– Standard ceiling fans – These are the types of fans that are found in most homes. They normally have four blades and a built-in light. Standard ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. There is a design available that will match the décor in your home.

– Remote-controlled ceiling fans – Most ceiling fans have a remote control option. The remote operates similar to a television remote. It allows you to adjust the fan’s speed, blade rotation, and the brightness of the lighting. A single remote can control one fan or several ceiling fans in a room.

– Industrial and commercial ceiling fans – These fans are used to make the heating and cooling in a building more effective and economical. Industrial and commercial style fans are intended for large-scale circulation and cooling. They can vary in size and can have anywhere from 4 to 10 blades.

Competitive and Affordable Ceiling Fan Installation Prices

You might be wondering how much ceiling fan installation costs. Contact us to discuss your needs. We will provide you with upfront pricing so you know how much you will be paying.

Contact Us For Your Ceiling Fan Consultation

At Cool Living Electrical, we strive to offer the most dependable and highest-quality ceiling fan installations. Ceiling fans can increase the comfort in your home or business and improve the décor. They can also help you reduce your electricity bills. There are many benefits of ceiling fan installations.

Are you in need of ceiling fan installation? Contact us today for quality, affordable and dependable services. Call Cool Living Electrical for your free consultation and quote on ceiling fan installation on (02) 9000 8008.