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No matter what your requirements are, our range of smart, reliable and energy efficient ducted air conditioning systems means we have the solution to suit any lifestyle.

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted Air Conditioning consists of a split ducted system with the indoor unit concealed in the ceiling or underfloor and the outdoor unit located outside. Ducted Air Conditioning delivers air through ducting in the ceiling into each room via individual air vents. Ducted Air Conditioning is ideal for multiple rooms or for a whole house solution. Combine a ducted system with a tailored zone system and you can select only the required areas to have air flow, resulting in lower energy costs.

Advantages of using a ducted air conditioning system:

Whole home solution: Every room has all year round heating and cooling.

Easy control: Central temperature and zone control with set and forget timers.

Zones: Up to 8 separate air conditioned zones give flexibility and economy.

Even air distribution: No hot or cold spots in your home.

Range: There is a ducted solution for every size and style of home. Many systems are available including Inverters, Digital Scrolls and Premium Inverters from 7KW to 27kW cooling capacity, available for both single and three phase power.

Style: With only grills or diffusers mounted on ceiling or floor being visible, ducted systems do not intrude into the overall look of your interior design.

Noise: With all the noise producing equipment in the ceiling, under the floor or outside, ducted air conditioning is the quietest of all air conditioning options.

Adding Value: In most houses it is cheaper to install ducted air conditioning than to install wall hung split systems in every room. Adding ducted air conditioning also increases the sale value of your home.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is perfectly controlled all year round.

Why choose a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

 • Capable of heating and cooling every room within your home, ducted reverse cycle air  conditioning systems are the complete climate control solution.

 • They deliver cooled or heated air up to 10 separate zones in your home, allowing you to air condition your entire property or only a single room.

 • This ‘zoning’ feature means that you can cool or heat only the rooms you are using, thereby reducing energy wastage and your energy costs.

 • Operation is made easy with a central control system that lets you simply adjust  temperatures, zoning and the in-built ‘set and forget’ timer.

 • Ducted air conditioners are the quietest of all air conditioning systems and with only grilles mounted in the ceiling or floor they are also the most discrete.

How ducted reverse cycle air conditioning works

• Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems feature two units. One located outside your property and one placed internally, usually inside the roof.

• The internal unit is linked to a series of vents, which are strategically placed in your house’s floor or ceiling and it’s through these vents that cooling air is released.

• Air is collected using a ‘heat pump’, which consists of an indoor coil, an outdoor coil and a pipe containing refrigerant.

• As hot air runs through the indoor coil and into the pipe, the refrigerant contained therein, absorbs the heat from the air. That heat is removed and disposed outdoors.

• The now cooled air is then pushed indoors, resulting in a cooler, fresher home.

• This process is fully reversible for ducted heating.

Ducted air conditioning installation for new & existing homes

• The best time to have a reverse cycle air conditioning system installed is when you are renovating or building a new home. However, they can still be installed at any time.

 •All Ducted Air Conditioning systems are installed by fully qualified technicians, who have a proven track record of installing systems on-time and on-budget.

 • We take full ownership of your new air conditioner’s installation, handling the project from star to finish. And afterwards we are always available for aftermarket advice and support.


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