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Benefits of Recessed Lighting in a Residential Setting

Lighting plays an important role in your interior. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the importance of the best lights in their homes. Whether you are planning to renovate your old house or want to update the lights, recessed lighting is the best option.

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting is a light fixture that is installed in the ceiling. These lights when installed with LED luminaires, takes the interior to next level . A recessed light has three parts housing, trim and light. It is installed into a hollow opening (trim) in a ceiling. These types of lights can brighten up your rooms without any need of lamps and mounted lights. Let’s take a look at other benefits of recessed lights:

They can save a lot of energy

A recessed light fixture is one of the best innovations in lighting technology. Not only these lights are energy efficient, but they also have a longer lifetime and last for years. These lights offer more brightness in less watts, thus you do not need to install high watt bulbs. Therefore, recessed lighting helps you save on utility bill.

Recessed lights are safer than hanging lights

In some cases, the hanging lights can become less safe, although they have been used for a long time in homes. Tall people could bump their heads in hanging lights, or if not installed properly they can fall at any time. But, there is no such problem with recessed lights and they are safer than hanging lights. Plus, these lights make the interior look beautiful and trending as well.

Create a wall washing effect

Recessed lighting makes the room look bigger as these lights create the wall washing effect. It is a kind of lighting effect that casts more light in the room when you use the right type of lighting rim. Wall washed trim includes a light scoop and a directional reflector to direct the light onto the wall.

Versatile in nature

LED recessed lights are versatile in nature and can be installed in any room. Be it a living area, kitchen, or bedroom, and these lights have plenty of use-cases. They also work great in bringing out the best of unique lighting designs to update your interior. Recessed lights can create an amazing ambience because they hide while giving a wider light distribution in the area.

Available in various colours

If you love colourful interiors or want to highlight some portion of your ceiling, then bright recessed lights are best. You can get these lights in various shades, including blue, white, green, and red. Also, there are warm recessed lights that you can use in your bedroom to create a cosy nook. Even if you do not want colourful light, you can choose coloured rims to add a unique touch to your room’s interior.

Final Words

Recessed lighting is highly preferred in the home because of its above-listed benefits. It is time that homeowners that are looking to renovate their house consider refurbishing to LEDs, especially recessed lighting for better illumination.

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