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What Are the Different Types of Home Alarm Systems

Did you know burglars can enter in your home with ease that doesn’t have alarm systems? Do you want to change alarm system of your home, or are you looking for a new one for protection? If yes, then there are different home alarm systems to consider. Take a look!

Traditional Wired Alarm System

The basic burglar alarm is the wired alarm system. It relies on your landline phone connection and uses a low voltage electric current to transmit signals to the monitoring centre. Most of the time, the wires pass through the windows and doors and the current flow easily when they are close. But, if the door or window is open, the circuit is disrupted, and the alarm gets triggered.

Wireless Alarm System

As the name suggests, these are the home alarm systems without any wire connection. There is only one control panel and a series of sensors with inbuilt transmitters. You can choose any position to install sensors without any wires running around your home. But make sure that the sensors and control panel are within the range of each other. If you place sensors far away from the control panel, the signal won’t be able to work properly. And, you may miss the alarm in a threat situation.

Monitored Home Alarm System

Having a trusted and skilled professional looking out for your property is comforting. This is where a monitored home alarm system comes in handy. It alerts both the homeowner and operators at the monitoring centre when your alarm is triggered.

Further, it comes with easy-to-use control panels and wireless keypads so that you can monitor your house from anywhere. In addition, it is equipped with motion sensors, window/door contact, and glass break detectors. When any unwanted activity happens, the alarm is triggered, and the monitoring centre will look at it and verify the alarm. After this, they dispatch emergency services if needed.

Unmonitored Home Alarm System

An unmonitored home alarm system sends signals to you or someone living near your home. With this, the audible and visual alarms get triggered whenever someone tries to enter your premises forcefully, or the system is tripped. It will not send any signal to a professional security team but audible and visual signals will alert your neighbours. Also, there are unmonitored alarm systems that can send the alert to your mobile device too.

How to Choose the Best Security System?

To protect your family and property, you should aim to install the best home alarm that falls within your budget. You can also get a custom security system for your home with a burglar alarm, video surveillance, fire and smoke detectors, and monitored security. When you are in the market to select a home alarm, focus on these things:

• Budget-friendly: Go for an alarm system that will keep your home safe within your budget. For custom security, select options that you think are affordable and necessary.
• Power accessibility: Make sure you buy the alarm system with good power backup. They will function even if you face a power outage in your area. There are security systems that are battery-operated and connected to Wi-Fi.
• Easy to install and use: Try to get an alarm system that is easy to install and easy to use. So that you do not need to spend extras on installation.

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